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Proquest Business Content Update

Nuevos títulos


PMID: 68147

Title: Light Truck and SUV Accessory Business & Product News


PMID: 68092

Title: Locksmith Ledger International


PMID: 68100

Title: Lustre


PMID: 68149

Title: Maintenance Supplies


PMID: 68137

Title: Michigan Contractor and Builder


PMID: 68138

Title: Midwest Contractor


PMID: 68140

Title: New England Construction


PMID: 66508

Title: OECD Economic Studies


PMID: 68117

Title: OEM Off - Highway


PMID: 67981

Title: E.learning Age


PMID: 68135

Title: Giants


PMID: 68411

Title: Internationales Asien Forum. International Quarterly for Asian Studies


PMID: 67753

Title: Knowledge Management Review


PMID: 68136

Title: Luxury Home Builder


PMID: 68062

Title: NPA Magazine


PMID: 66338

Title: Research in Healthcare Financial Management


Cambios de permisos


PMID: 29168

Title: Chemical Week

Notes: Removed page image and text+graphics coverage, including backfile. Abstract and index and full text coverage continues


Cambios en nombre de títulos


PMID: 38730

Old Title: Cable World

New Title: CableFAX's CableWORLD


PMID: 53289

Old Title: Economic Change and Restructuring

New Title: Economics of Planning


Publicaciones dadas de baja


PMID: 14235

Title: Catalog Age

Notes: Ceased publication, maintain backfile rights


PMID: 54238

Title: IOMA's Safety Director's Report

Notes: Ceased publication, maintain backfile rights


PMID: 29188

Title: Modern Plastics

Notes: Ceased publication, maintain backfile rights