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Bulletin: News at Sirs Knowledge Source

@ Novedades de SIRS

Newest Articles & Graphics

Our editorial team updates SKS every day with new articles and resources. Here's a short list of the timeliest and most topical articles added to your product this month. Publication dates may vary due to the editorial selection process.

Churches Divided Over 'Da Vinci' Filming

Nonsmokers Can Be Lung Cancer Victims, Too

Guilty Plea in U.N. Scandal

The Strange Life of Jimi Hendrix

A Taste of Genius

William Shakespeare's "Macbeth"

Atta Details Omitted from Sept. 11 Report

Hail the King

What Lurks Inside Video Games

Documents Show Roberts' Involvement in School Prayer, Abortion Debates

Rules for Morning-After Pill May Come Soon

Subject Tree Updates

At SIRS we' re continually reviewing the Subject Trees to provide a more comprehensive search function that reflects the carefully selected content available in the database .

New Subject Tree additions for Renaissance include: Under CULTURES , a new branch for Ancient Cultures and Civilizations was created. Under LITERATURE , a new branch for Translation was created. Under MULTIMEDIA , the genre of Video Games is now represented. Finally, under PERFORMING ARTS , a branch for Children' s Theater was created , as was a category for Comedians and Comediennes.

SIRS Leading Issues: This Month's Top 10

Our popular SIRS Leading Issues feature is dynamically updated daily with new content! New topics are added monthly along with "Your Top 10 Choices"--a list solely driven by end-user searches. Here's a list of some of the more commonly accessed topics by our subscribers:



Child abuse


Capital punishment

Teenage pregnancy


Same-sex marriage

School uniforms

Gun control

@ Aprendizaje Aplicado

August is National Inventors Month. The invention that promises to more for education than any other technology is the Computer and the Internet. These separate inventions when combined provide powerful tools for teachers to do what they have always tried to do and many strategies that were impossible before. They are already revolutionizing education in many schools by providing learning and teaching resources that were not available in the past, and better yet, 24 x 7. Add to information access, computer simulations, email for parent, student, and teacher communication, and online courses and you can see some of this revolution in progress.

Researcher and WebSelect offer resources for students to learn more about educational technology, its present, and its future. An engaging research activity would assign students to look at the variety of ways that educational technology is being implemented in many schools today and compare that with what is or isn 't happening in their school . Also, they should research what new ways of teaching and learning are being developed for schools in the future and then make judgments on how that will impact the next generation of students and teachers.

1. Click the Topic Browse tab, then click Science under SIRS Researcher.

2. Select: Technology > Subject Index > Educational Technology

3. There are currently 41 resources for students to research the present and the future! .

@Los top 3 de Sitios Web Selectos

Each month, our SKS WebSelect T and Discoverer WebFindT editorial teams scour the Internet for top -quality sites that help teachers teach and students learn. Although no Internet site can supplant a quality research database, these vetted resources offer unique resources that are sure to be of interest.

National Environmental Trust

Organization: National Environmental Trust (NET)

National Environmental Trust is a non-profit, non-partisan group established in 1994 to inform citizens about environmental problems and how they affect our health and quality of life. Learn more about global warming, air pollution, children 's environmental health , heritage forests and what you can do to help.

Descriptors: Air quality, Forest protection, Logging, Pollution control industry, Water quality

The Art of War

Organization: The National Archives of the United Kingdom

"View our fascinating and colourful collections of illustrations, propaganda, cartoons, films and art created during World War Two." (THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES OF THE UNITED KINGDOM )

Descriptors: Art, Art and war, Artists, Great Britain, Great Britain, History, World War (1939-1945), Art and the war, World War (1939-1945), Caricatures and cartoons, World War (1939-1945), Great Britain, World War (1939-1945), Posters, World War (1939-1945), Propaganda

Mexico - A Country Study

Organization: Federal Research Division, Library of Congress (LOC)

The Country Studies Area Handbook Series offers an overview of Mexico , its history, society, education, culture, economy, politics, foreign relations, national defense, and criminal justice.

Descriptors: Geography, Latin America, Mexico, Mexico, Economic conditions, Mexico, Economic policy, Mexico, Foreign relations, Mexico, History, Mexico, Politics and government, Mexico, Population, Mexico, Social conditions, Mexico, Social life and customs, Spotlight on National Hispanic Heritage Month