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Bulletin: News at Sirs Knowledge Source

Political Cartoons in SKS

SIRS Knowledge Source now provides political cartoons to bring the power of the images and the messages into the classroom! Students can learn how to read and decipher political cartoons, as well as understand the writing devices employed therein, including satire, irony, and metaphor.
Political cartoons can be found within the text of articles or located by completing an Advanced search by typing the keyword cartoon into the graphic titles field.
Cartoon: Food Pyramid
Cartoon: Internet Paranoia
Cartoon: Reality Television
Cartoon: Smoking Statistics
Cartoon: Video Games

Newest Articles & Graphics

Our editorial team updates SKS every day with new articles and resources. Here's a short list of the timeliest and most topical articles added to your product this month. Publication dates may vary due to the editorial selection process.

Fox's Insensitivity Hurts Both Blacks, Hispanics
Dangers of the Deep
Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird
Quran More Than a Book for Muslims
Donald Trump Offers to Rebuild World Trade Center Twin Towers
Technology of George Lucas Has Brought the Future into Theaters
Comparing Some Cereals
Comparing Some Cereals
Deaths from Infectious Diseases

SIRS Leading Issues: This Month's Top 10

Our popular SIRS Leading Issues feature is dynamically updated daily with new content! New topics are added monthly along with "Your Top 10 Choices"--a list solely driven by end-user searches. Here's a list of some of the more commonly accessed topics by our subscribers:
Dangers of the Deep
Capital punishment
Doping in sports
Same-sex marriage
Teenage pregnancy
Eating disorders
Child abuse


June is International Volunteers Month. A great example of the spirit of international volunteerism is the Peace Corp. John F. Kennedy captured the imagination of millions of Americans in his inaugural address: "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." That idealism was the driving force for the creation of the Peace Corps in 1962. The Peace Corp recruited and trained thousands of young American volunteers and sent them all over the globe to provide struggling 3rd World countries expertise and support in building their infrastructure, schools, hospitals, and farms. The Peace Corps continues its work even today, continuing the spirit of international volunteerism.

Today's students can benefit from learning more about international volunteerism and the Peace Corps by using the resources in SIRS SKS Research/WebSelect.
1. Type "Peace Corps" in the Subject Headings search box
2. Click the Search button
3. Click Peace Corps (U.S.) link
4. Scroll through a variety of sources including websites
5. Scroll through a variety of sources including websites

Students should use the selected resources to identify a specific country and summarize the specific projects initiated or supported by the work of Peace Corps volunteers. Students should also summarize the requirements for becoming a Peace Corps volunteer.


Each month, our SKS WebSelectT and Discoverer WebFindT editorial teams scour the Internet for top-quality sites that help teachers teach and students learn. Although no Internet site can supplant a quality research database, these vetted resources offer unique resources that are sure to be of interest.

Analyzing Blues Songs
Organization: George Mason University
Descriptors: Blues (Music), Music, History and criticism, Musical criticism

"Historians have studied blues and other African-American musical forms to gain insight into the experiences and perspectives of poor and working-class African Americans who left few written records about their lives." (GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY) On this site you will find analyses of two blues songs. Click "see transcript(s)" to read the texts."

A Guide to the Religions of the World
Organization: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Descriptors: Buddhism, Christianity, Faith, Hinduism, Islam, Religion, Religions, Sikhism, Spotlight on Diversity

This site outlines the history and basic beliefs of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Sikhism. Each religion is described in terms of its origins, founders, practices, and divisions.

Agents of Social Change Online Exhibit
Organization: Smith College
Descriptors: Biography, Feminism, Feminists, Sex discrimination, Social action, Spotlight on Social Activism in the 20th Century, Steinem, Gloria, Women's rights, Women, History

"This exhibit marks the opening for research of eight collections of 20th century women activists: the papers of Constance Baker Motley, Dorothy Kenyon, Mary Kaufman, Frances Fox Piven, Jessie Lloyd O'Connor, and Gloria Steinem and the records of the Women's Action Alliance and the National Congress of Neighborhood Women. These new resources highlight women's part in the multiple struggles for social change that span the century including labor, socialism, civil liberties, peace, racial justice, urban reform, welfare rights, and women's rights. They illuminate connections between reform movements, as well as the interplay of race, ethnicity, class, and gender within them."


What features of your SIRS subscription do you and your students find the most useful? Have you recently used or are you planning to use SIRS as part of an assignment or student research project? How do you and other curriculum leaders in your institution use your ProQuest educational resources?

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