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Novedades desde SIRS - Boletín de Junio

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SIRS Knowledge Source nos comparte sus artículos más nuevos:

Blogs Now Have a World of Influence
Comic Books Increasingly Making Reference to Faith
Online Poetry: Some Is Quite Good, but Is It Literature?
Devils Tower Gears Up for Centennial
The Day After Roe
Leonardo's Code Ruffled Plenty of Church Feathers
Three Gorges Dam: China's Great Wall on the Yangtze
IImmunizing Girls for Cervical Cancer Is a Tough Sell for Conservatives

Literary Corner en SIRS Renaissance

Literary Corner

Encuentra estudios curriculares de autores reconocidos de distintos períodos literarios y regiones, así como sus perfiles bibliográficos. Ingresa a la opción de SIRS Renaissance y encontrarás el enlace de "Literary Corner" del menú derecho.

Los 3 TOP en Sitios Web Selectos

Science of Cooking
. The Exploratorium
Summary: The Science of Cooking provides recipes and activities on the science behind food and cooking. On this site, users can explore a spice map of the world, discover how a cucumber becomes a pickle, find out what happens to meat when cooked, learn about sucrose molecules, take a microscopic tour of bread and study how to make a naked egg. The Flash plug-in is required for certain interactive parts of this site.
Descriptors: Cookery, Food, Food, Composition, Recipes

It All Adds Up
. National Council on Economic Education
Summary: "Welcome to It All Adds Up, a site for teens who want to get a head start on their financial future. Play online games and simulations to learn about credit management, buying a car, paying for college, budgeting, saving and investing. Click one of the get started." (NATIONAL COUNCIL ON ECONOMIC EDUCATION)
Learn about personal finance in these five modules: Getting and Using a Credit Card, Buying a Car, Budget Odyssey, Saving and Investing Blitz, and You're Going to College.
Descriptors: Automobile loans, Budgets, Personal, College costs, Consumer credit, Finance, Personal, Interest rates, Money

The Insurgency: Iraq
. Frontline, Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
Summary: "Kidnappings. Suicide bombers. Beheadings. Roadside bombs. The Iraqi insurgency continues to challenge the most highly trained and best-equipped military in the world. FRONTLINE peels back the layers and gets beyond the propaganda to take a complex look inside the multi-faceted insurgency in Iraq." (PBS) On the companion site, consider if the insurgency can be defeated, read interviews with U.S. military commanders and journalists, find a timeline of attacks, and view a map of Iraq's ethnic and religious makeup.

Descriptors: Ethnic groups, Iraq, Insurgency, Iraq, Iraq War (2003- ), U.S., Armed Forces, Forces in Iraq, U.S., Foreign relations, Iraq.