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Top 10 Strategies for Developing a TEM Services Relationship | 13 August 2007 | Eric Goodness   Phillip Redman


Telecom Expense Management (TEM) services are growing rapidly, as adoption among Fortune 2000 companies increases, for both fixed and mobile services. Managing a TEM services relationship, while similar to dealing with other outsourcers, can be much more challenging.


Tutorial: What You Need to Look Out for in Ethernet Services | 13 August 2007 | Bjarne Munch


Enterprises seeking Ethernet services should carefully select services and ensure that services and service levels match the enterprise network strategies and business requirements.


Security Information and Event Management Complement Identity and Access Management Audits | 13 August 2007 | Mark Nicolett   Earl Perkins


IAM audits provide identity access and policy change information in the scope of technology deployments. SIEM provides broad user activity monitoring and event correlation across the entire IT infrastructure.


Reference Guide for Successful Sourcing of Mobile Voice and Data Services | 14 August 2007 | Martin Gutberlet


Business buyers of mobile services tend not to be experts in sourcing such offerings. This report outlines some of the key considerations and tactics that can lead to improved contracts negotiations and reduction of total spend.


The Top Five Microsoft Issues in the Workplace | 14 August 2007 | James Lundy   Tom Austin   David Mitchell Smith   Jeffrey Mann


Microsoft has five major workplace technology issues, including a dependency on Windows, vendor lock-in, upgrades and migration costs. Microsoft has been able to overcome these issues through aggressive marketing.


How to Create Effective Security Management in Virtual Worlds | 14 August 2007 | Andrew Walls


Maintaining an effective presence in a virtual world requires adequate planning for all aspects of security. An effective security plan should encompass more than traditional IT security domains, and should draw on practices and disciplines from IT, physical and personnel security domains.


Quality Assurance Practices Will Drive the Reuse of Services in SOA Environments | 14 August 2007 | Thomas E. Murphy


Service-oriented architecture creates many challenges for organizations that are trying to ensure the quality of software. Organizations should follow certain quality-assurance best practices when developing services for SOA environments.


Findings: Organizations Must Invest and Prepare for Potential Infrastructure Failures | 14 August 2007 | John Bace   Kris Brittain   Richard J. De Lotto   Helen Huntley   Carol Rozwell


Gartner recently explored what actions IT organizations should take to prepare for societal infrastructure problems.


The Gartner Interview With New York Stock Exchange CEO John Thain | 14 August 2007 | Ken McGee


Few industries have benefited more from utilizing IT than the securities industry. Recently, New York Stock Exchange CEO John Thain sat down with us to share his views on corporate regulation, the future of exchanges and the role that IT will play in that future vision.


The Windows Upgrade Experience Hasn't Changed; the Times Have | 14 August 2007 | Michael A. Silver   David Mitchell Smith   Charles Smulders


Consumer and media criticism of Windows Vista shouldn't discourage enterprises from planning and testing it. Enterprise users are accustomed to application compatibility and other issues when a new OS is released, but consumers aren't. Only the times have changed, not the upgrade experience.


Introducing SaaS-Enabled Application Platforms: Features, Roles and Futures | 14 August 2007 | Yefim V. Natis


As software-as-a-service-style business applications grow in numbers and scope, the emerging SaaS-enabled application platforms are starting a new cycle in the battle for industry influence and leadership among the vendors of core application platform stacks.


BI in Asian Organizations: Employees Need Authority to Act | 15 August 2007 | Neil McMurchy


BI initiatives in organizations in some Asian economies present particular challenges for executives and managers. These arise from traditional hierarchical management and decision-making styles and structures.


Driving Business Results: The 2007 Research Agenda Survey | 15 August 2007 | Marcus Blosch   Simon Hayward   John Mahoney


CEOs are focusing on the customer as the source of growth and are reorganizing to become more customer-intimate. The IT organization can play a major role, provided it adopts the right organizational model.


'Just Enough Process' Requires an Understanding of Agile Practices | 16 August 2007 | David Norton


Application and development managers need to understand agile principles and methods to make informed decisions regarding their adoption. Gartner provides an overview of the most-popular agile methods.


Google and Microsoft Battle for the .edu E-Mail Market | 16 August 2007 | Matthew W. Cain   Marti Harris


Microsoft and Google are accelerating their push into the .edu market with offers of no-fee e-mail services. Many educational institutions consider both offerings: we provide a

side-by-side comparison.


Identifying When 10-Gigabit-Capable Structured Cabling Is Justified | 16 August 2007 | Andy Rolfe


Several vendors of structured cabling are promoting 10-Gigabit Ethernet-capable UTP cabling systems, but most user PCs are still connected over Category 5e cabling and 100-Mbps Ethernet. This document provides updated guidance on cabling system selection.


TMS Sourcing Options Are Expanding With the Increase in the Number and Types of Products | 16 August 2007 | C. Dwight Klappich


The transportation management systems market has expanded to the point where a growing number of enterprises can justify the procurement of commercial TMS offerings. However, the increase in sourcing options is confusing many TMS buyers.


Polling Results Provide a View of IT Operations Availability and Performance Management Needs and Expectations | 17 August 2007 | David Williams


During the recent Infrastructure, Operations and Management (IOM) Conference, we asked questions pertaining to the manageability needs related to the availability and performance management marketplace. We provide and analyze the attendee results.


Trend Toward Modular Server Workloads Risks Sidelining Unix | 17 August 2007 | Andrew Butler   Errol Rasit


With Windows and Linux challenging the traditional scaling and functional advantages of Unix, the growing market opportunity for modular servers is set to complicate the future of Unix even more. As traditional arguments in favor of "Big Iron" weaken, we examine the options.


Offshore Application Testing Drives Greater Business Value | 17 August 2007 | Partha Iyengar   Frances Karamouzis


New approaches to application testing using offshore resources and significant vendor investments have created tremendous opportunities for efficiency and have reduced time to market. Organizations should assess this rapidly expanding service line.


Controlled Independence: Leverage Your Sourcing Governance Style | 17 August 2007 | Cassio Dreyfuss


Your organizational style strongly affects which governance practices and processes will work in your environment. Use your style to drive the design of your sourcing governance framework. Decide whether the controlled independence style is right for your organization.


Dynamic Collaboration: Leverage Your Sourcing Governance Style | 17 August 2007 | Cassio Dreyfuss


Your organizational style strongly affects which governance practices and processes will work in your environment. Use your style to drive the design of your sourcing governance framework. Decide whether the dynamic collaboration style is right for your organization.


Opportunistic Action: Leverage Your Sourcing Governance Style | 17 August 2007 | Cassio Dreyfuss


Your organizational style strongly affects which governance practices and processes will work in your environment. Use your style to drive the design of your sourcing governance framework. Decide whether the opportunistic action style is right for your organization.


Structured Consensus: Leverage Your Sourcing Governance Style | 17 August 2007 | Cassio Dreyfuss


Your organizational style strongly affects which governance practices and processes will work in your environment. Use your style to drive the design of your sourcing governance framework. Decide whether the structured consensus style is right for your organization.


CIOs Make PPM a Priority for Growth | 17 August 2007 | Lars Mieritz   Donna Fitzgerald


Gartner surveys indicate that the program and portfolio management function is gaining in stature as it supports the execution of key CIO management priorities.


Best Practices in Records Management: FAQs | 17 August 2007 | Debra Logan


Use TJX Breach to Improve Protection of Customer Data | 20 August 2007 | Avivah Litan


A recent data security breach has not adversely affected customers' willingness to shop at TJX stores. But retailers must still recognize that securing sensitive data is far less expensive than responding to a breach.


Build a Sourcing Governance Framework That Aligns With Your Organizational Style | 17 August 2007 | Cassio Dreyfuss


Sourcing managers can learn how to build a sourcing governance framework that is compatible with their organizations' style by using four building blocks: sourcing maxims, comanagement processes, relationship frameworks and decision frameworks.


Where All the Midmarket ERP Vendors Have Gone | 21 August 2007 | Christian Hestermann


Many recent acquisitions in the ERP vendor landscape follow one of three patterns, none of which makes products completely vanish. Rather, many products receive ongoing support and remain viable alternatives, although their role in the portfolio has to be carefully evaluated.


Managers, You'll Need Transforming, Too: A New 'Manager's Platform' Takes Shape | 21 August 2007 | Kathy Harris   Brian Gammage   Diane Morello


For managers and executives, future challenges in managing people and organizations will be quite different from the past. We present a new "manager's platform" that integrates emerging disciplines and new paradigms.


Understanding Data Leakage | 21 August 2007 | Jay Heiser


It is impossible to estimate the effects of valuable data leaking out of an organization, but the problem is growing. Careful attention to the factors that encourage information loss enables well-informed decisions about the benefits of explicitly restricting network channels and PC interfaces.


Sun, IBM Will Both Benefit From Greater Solaris OS Support | 22 August 2007 | Errol Rasit   Jonathon Hardcastle   George J. Weiss


Sun and IBM will both gain from IBM's expanded support for the Solaris OS. Customers will likely make Solaris x86 adoption decisions based on factors such as application compatibility and total cost of ownership.


A Business Process Platform Strategy Requires an Integrated Composition Environment | 21 August 2007 | Daryl C. Plummer   Janelle B. Hill


The business process platform is a model describing how software services can be used to support business processes. The key to the new approach is using service composition as an alternative to application development. This requires an integrated composition environment.


War Dialing Remains Important to Enterprise Penetration Testing | 23 August 2007 | Jeffrey Wheatman   John Girard   Andrew Walls


War dialing has largely been dropped from the vulnerability testing suite of tools, but significant risks still result from unprotected telephony connections. War dialing can be helpful in identifying potential unprotected entry points into your network.


Answers to Questions About ISO/IEC 19770-1, the Software Asset Management Standard and Self-Assessment Tool | 23 August 2007 | Frances OBrien


At Gartner's IT & Software Asset Management Summit, 2007, clients asked questions about the new ISO/IEC 19770-1 standard and self-assessment tool. These answers include some background information for added clarity.


Flow Management in SOA: One Size Doesn't Fit All | 23 August 2007 | Massimo Pezzini


Flow management technology has been around for years in many forms, but service-oriented architecture is putting it back into the limelight. Users will have to select multiple flow-management-enabling products: different styles of flow management in SOA have radically different technical requirements.


RFP, Evaluation and Response Criteria Must Work Together to Support Better ERP System Integration Evaluations | 23 August 2007 | Pat Phelan   Lorrie Scardino


When deciding to contract with an ERP SI provider, source selection teams must align request-for-proposal requirements, evaluation criteria and response requirements so that their final selection represents the best value for the organization.


Spending Preferences for Business Intelligence and Information Infrastructure, 2007 | 23 August 2007 | Dan Sommer


A Gartner survey of organizations attending a business intelligence summit on spending patterns shows how much of the software budget is allocated to BI. It also reveals the proportion of respondents aiming to increase their spending on BI and information infrastructure in the next fiscal year.


CPM Remains the Focus of Analytic Applications Purchasing | 24 August 2007 | Nigel Rayner


Analytic applications are a high-priority aspect of business intelligence software purchases. Purchasing intentions largely are unchanged from 2006, with corporate performance management remaining the highest priority.


Best Practices: Building a Successful Enterprise Content Management Project Team | 24 August 2007 | Kenneth Chin   Karen M. Shegda


A good project team is critical to the success of any enterprise content management implementation. Application managers should build a team to focus on the business and technical issues and gain firm commitment from senior management and users.


Business Intelligence Platforms: Survey of Purchase Drivers and Planned Investments | 24 August 2007 | Bill Hostmann


We compare the preferences of organizations when developing business intelligence plans and when selecting BI platform capabilities to build on. We look at whether organizations are following or bucking the trends, or not even asking questions about their drivers and investments.


Best Practices: Conducting a Content Requirements Analysis | 24 August 2007 | Karen M. Shegda   Kenneth Chin


A requirements analysis is necessary when crafting an enterprise content management strategy, yet many organizations are confused about how to get started. Taking an inventory of your content and processes are critical first steps.


Portable Personality Solutions Enable User Device Independence | 24 August 2007 | Leslie Fiering   Neil MacDonald


"Portable personality" solutions let workers recreate their preferred work environments across multiple systems and locations. Viable technology and tools are emerging but are only recommended for highly targeted deployments today.


BI Sourcing Preferences: Managing Vendor Proliferation | 24 August 2007 | James Richardson   Bill Hostmann


BI sourcing decisions are complex and earlier purchases compound the difficulty of implementing a platform strategy. Firms must balance a preference for multiple "best-of-breed" technologies with the need for standardization.
An ECM Project: From Strategic Plan to Implementation Plan | 24 August 2007 | Kenneth Chin   Karen M. Shegda


Enterprise content management is an important, strategic IT infrastructure component, but an ECM solution will likely disappoint if it is implemented without a good strategy or a solid project plan. Consider five steps that are critical to ECM success.


Follow 10 Steps in a First-Year Agenda for ECM Projects | 24 August 2007 | Kenneth Chin   Karen M. Shegda


The first steps of an enterprise content management project are crucial. Application managers should identify key activities to ensure that projects achieve later milestones and business objectives.


Understanding CPM Applications | 24 August 2007 | Nigel Rayner


Analytic applications supporting corporate performance management focus primarily on the needs of the CFO and the executive team. However, they should be viewed as part of an overall business intelligence and performance management strategy.


Common Questions Regarding IT Change Management | 28 August 2007 | Kris Brittain


ITCM presentations delivered during Gartner Symposium and data center conferences generated several common questions, which are addressed in this research.


IBM's 1H07 Mainframe Announcements: Evolution, Not Revolution | 28 August 2007 | Mike Chuba   John R. Phelps


Although there has not been (nor likely will be) a major IBM mainframe generation announcement in 2007, a mix of relatively modest announcements fueled a good 1H07 and are indicative of some significant product architecture changes.


A New Wave of SCM Innovation Must Address Climate Change Concerns | 28 August 2007 | Andrew White


The increasing focus on climate change caused by human activity is forcing supply chain management to re-evaluate its IT solutions. Anticipating legal and ethical pressure, management must reduce its impact on the environment without detriment to business performance -- IT should be ready to help.


Augment CAPTCHAs to Block Automated Attacks | 29 August 2007 | Andrew Walls


Advances in optical character recognition, voice recognition and crowd sourcing diminish the utility of Completely Automated Public Turing tests to tell Computers and Humans Apart for confirming human responders. Invest in alternatives or augmentation to CAPTCHAs to mitigate known attack strategies.


Acer to Acquire Gateway, Strengthening Its Global Position | 29 August 2007 | Mikako Kitagawa   Charles Smulders   Tiffani Bova


Acer plans to acquire Gateway, which will allow it to become the third-largest PC vendor worldwide. The merger will create a major new force in the U.S. retail market.


The Governance Work Stream for Enterprise Platform Migration | 29 August 2007 | Andy Kyte


Modernizing the applications portfolio involves resolving conflicts among disparate stakeholders. Ensuring the presence of a transparent governance process is an essential component of the enterprise platform migration program.


Outsourcing Contracts: Guidelines for Master Service Agreements and Schedules | 30 August 2007 | Helen Huntley   William Maurer   Teri N Hollander


Building an outsourcing contract that contains best-practice terms and conditions and is fit for its purpose can be a daunting task. In this research, we provide an outsourcing contract outline so that you know what you need to structure the right deal.


How to Manage the Environmental Impact of Printing | 30 August 2007 | Federico De Silva Leon   Ken Weilerstein


Printers and other output devices account for much of the environmental impact of information technology. While much can be done to make office printing more "green," users should be aware that some of what people think helps only makes matters worse.


Best Practices for Negotiating Software-as-a-Service Contracts | 30 August 2007 | William Maurer   Alexa Bona


It's a daunting task to build contracts for alternative delivery models, such as SaaS. The newness of the offerings and the high-volume SaaS business model means that vendors are less willing to expend time negotiating agreements. SaaS agreements should cover six key contractual elements.


New Version of 6SigmaDC for CFDs Approaches Mainstream | 30 August 2007 | Rakesh Kumar


Future Facilities enhanced its 3-D predictive modeling tool for computational fluid dynamics in data center design and evaluation, leading such tools toward the mainstream and setting a new standard.


Issues to Consider When Building a TMS Business Case and Evaluating TMS Sourcing Options | 30 August 2007 | C. Dwight Klappich


Escalating transportation costs are driving an increased demand for transportation management systems across a wider array of shippers. Buyers should follow certain guidelines to help them evaluate which TMS options are best for them.


What You Need to Know About Inventory Tools for IT Asset Management | 30 August 2007 | Patricia Adams


There are a plethora of inventory tools in the market, but a limited number that should be used for asset tracking for IT asset management purposes. This research discusses what you need to consider when selecting a tool.


Survey Identifies Server Virtualization Needs and Trends | 29 August 2007 | Cameron Haight


At the recent Infrastructure, Operations and Management Conference, attendees shared their opinions about manageability needs related to the growing server virtualization marketplace. This research presents the findings from the survey questions.


Why Knowledge Management Is No Longer on the Gartner Hype Cycles | 31 August 2007 | Jeffrey Mann


None of Gartner's Hype Cycle special reports for 2007 contain knowledge management as a discrete point. It has moved onto the Plateau of Productivity, and thus beyond the scope of the Hype Cycles. But dig deeper, and you'll find KM mentioned in more than 20 of them.


Open-Source Team Workspaces Hold Promise but Are Not Ready for Large Deployment | 31 August 2007 | David Mario Smith


While many technologies can support team collaboration with shared workspace functionality, traditional open-source team workspace offerings with Web 2.0 functionality may not be ready for broad enterprise deployments.


When to Consider Building an Expert System | 31 August 2007 | Debra Logan   Jeffrey Mann


Expert systems work very well in a limited number of situations, but not so well in others. In this document, we give guidance as to when you should pursue using expert systems.


Strategies for Successful Multienterprise SaaS Integration | 31 August 2007 | Benoit J. Lheureux


Multienterprise software-as-a-service integration is complex. SaaS projects are more likely to succeed if SaaS vendors and SaaS customers use a portfolio approach to multienterprise integration.


Alternative Delivery Models: Why Buy Storage When You Can Rent IT? | 30 August 2007 | Adam W. Couture


Storing your data on someone else's infrastructure can be an attractive alternative to storage infrastructure acquisition, but storage as a service isn't for everyone.


Team Collaboration Builds on Basic Content Services | 31 August 2007 | Jeffrey Mann