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Novedades en Gartner

TEMA: Applications


  1. The Ruby Language Will Reach 4 Million Programmers by Mark Driver. 3 December 2007
  2. Corporate and IT Programmers Will Discover PHP's Benefits in Larger Numbers, Mark Driver. 3 December 2007 |
  3. Three Potential Pitfalls of Corporate Social Networking, Brian Prentice. 4 December 2007
  4. Predicts 2008: Servers and Operating Systems, John Enck; Philip Dawson; George J. Weiss; Rakesh Kumar; Jeffrey Hewitt; Uko Tian; Thomas J. Bittman. 6 December 2007
  5. Planning for an SAP ERP 6.0 Upgrade, Yvonne Genovese. 5 December 2007


Business Intelligence & Information Management


  1. Best Practices for Data Stewardship. 3 December 2007 | Ted Friedman
  2. Predicts 2008: Information Infrastructure Will Help Master Chaos. 5 December 2007 | Rita E. Knox   Ted Friedman   Mark A. Beyer   Lou Latham   Whit Andrews   John Bace
  3. Hosted Services Make Sense for Web Content Management. 6 December 2007. Lou Latham


Business Process Improvement


  1. The Gartner Governance, Risk and Compliance Scenario: Managing Risk in Four Possible Scenarios. 30 November 2007. French Caldwell
  2. Three Examples of BPM Worst Practices and How to Avoid Them. 3 December 2007. Elise Olding


Enterprise Architecture


  1. Supporting the MADness: Enterprise Architecture's Role in Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures. 30 November 2007. Deborah Weiss, Philip Allega


IT Infrastructure & Operations


  1. 10 Key Elements of a 'Green IT' Strategy  7 December 2007  Simon Mingay
  2. Why Software Is Failing in CRM Initiatives  3 December 2007  Michael Maoz   Ed Thompson
  3. Operational Considerations in Determining PC Replacement Life Cycle  3 December 2007  Jack Heine   Leslie Fiering
  4. Predicts 2008: Enterprise Network Services  5 December 2007  Robert F. Mason   Lisa Unden   Daniel OConnell   Scott Morrison   Katja Ruud   Phillip Redman   Neil Rickard
  5. How to Organize for Disaster Recovery Management  5 December 2007  John P Morency   Ed Holub
  6. Predicts 2008: Disruptive Shifts in the High Performance Workplace  6 December 2007  David Mario Smith   Tom Austin   Matthew W. Cain   Nikos Drakos   Kathy Harris
  7. Greening the Enterprise Network 6 December 2007  Neil Rickard
  1. IT Vendors, Service Providers and Users Can Lighten IT's Environmental Footprint  5 December 2007  Simon Mingay


Program and Portfolio Management


  1. Predicts 2008: Alert Program and Portfolio Management Leaders About Big Upcoming Changes  5 December 2007  Audrey L. Apfel   Donna Fitzgerald   Michael Hanford   Lars Mieritz


Security & Risk Management


Serious Lessons All Enterprises Handling Sensitive Data Can Learn From the 'HMRC Data Debacle' 6 December 2007  Ant Allan


Sourcing & Vendor Relationships


  1. SWOT Analysis: Brazil Shifts to Global Sourcing  3 December 2007  Cassio Dreyfuss   Frances Karamouzis   Ian Marriott   Allie Young
  2. Gartner's 30 Leading Locations for Offshore Services  4 December 2007  Ian Marriott
  3. Best-Practice Process for Creating an IT Services Sourcing Strategy, Rev. 1  5 December 2007  Claudio Da Rold


CIO and IT Leadership


  1. Raising IT's Credibility: The Gartner IT Management Competency Framework  2 December 2007 Colleen M. Young