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Process for Evaluating F&A Business Process Outsourcing Vendors | 1 June 2007 | Cathy Tornbohm


Successful outsourcing of finance and accounting processes requires a structured vendor evaluation process. Work with internal teams to define clear guidelines for how the evaluation process will be carried out and for assigning weightings to selection criteria.


Google Gears Up to Offer Applications Offline, Too | 4 June 2007 | David Mitchell Smith


Google Gears is an open-source technology that will enable developers to create offline Web applications. As Web clients continue to evolve, the applicability of offline capabilities will steadily increase.


Consumers Lead the Charge in Bringing Virtual Reality to the Mainstream Through Second Life | 4 June 2007 | Charles Abrams


Consumers are leading the adoption of virtual reality into the mainstream. New virtual-reality sites, such as Second Life, that employ virtual reality may appear to be on the bleeding edge or just current

fads, but will make a strong impact in certain industries through year-end 2012.


Best Practices for Question-and-Answer Identity Verification Methods | 4 June 2007 | Ant Allan


Question-and-answer methods are used for online authentication and identity verification prior to password reset. But poorly chosen questions remain a significant weakness.


CIOs and IT Leaders: Prepare for the 'Pull' Mind-Set of Consumer IT | 4 June 2007 | Diane Morello


Consumerization of IT is an irreversible megatrend. IT organizations that look at consumerization to enrich the flow of information, discover new ideas and reach new markets will excel. Those that attempt to fight consumerization will sink into irrelevance. Fit the future; don't fight it.


Security Capabilities Required to Support User Devices at Work | 4 June 2007 | Mark Nicolett   John Pescatore


Additional security capabilities are needed to ensure the protection and integrity of corporate data and applications that would be accessed by devices that are no longer under the control of the corporation.


ITIL v.3 Services Guidelines Expand Audience Through Update | 5 June 2007 | Ed Holub   Simon Mingay   Kris Brittain   Milind Govekar   Steve Bittinger


Eight years after the last update to the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, a new version is now available which contains many improvements that can help organizations achieve quality IT service management.


Microsoft and Google: Who's Going After Whom? | 5 June 2007 | David Mitchell Smith   Tom Austin


Conventional wisdom is that Google is going after Microsoft. We believe that this is untrue and misleading in many ways.


Consumerization Gains Momentum: The IT Civil War | 5 June 2007 | David Mitchell Smith   Stephen Prentice


The consumerization of IT is the defining trend in IT that will impact enterprises during the next three years. It is catalyzing a civil war in IT. This Special Report examines the issues from many angles, such as productivity, security and new markets.


Overview of Power Over Ethernet | 5 June 2007 | Severine Real


Many devices are being added to networks and all need electricity, but the new equipment is often in locations not served by standard power cables. PoE technology can solve this problem by delivering

power through existing network cables.


Dell's Earnings Report Reflects Shift in Strategy | 6 June 2007 | Heeral Joshipura   Jeffrey Hewitt   John Enck


Dell faces challenges related as much to business-model fundamentals as to execution issues. Re-evaluating its business strategy is a good first step toward addressing those challenges.


Update From SAP Sapphire Events 2007 | 7 June 2007 | Daniel Sholler   Tim Payne   Debbie Wilson   Gene Alvarez   Jim Duggan   John-David Lovelock   French Caldwell   Andrew White   Dan Miklovic Yvonne Genovese   Massimo Pezzini   Alexa Bona


SAP's 2007 U.S. and European Sapphire events continued to showcase SAP's commitment to its Enterprise SOA road map. The SOA message is maturing and focusing increasingly on the business process agility and connectivity advantages of an effective business process platform.


Acquisition of Avaya Will Allow It to Evolve 'Below the Radar' | 7 June 2007 | Jay Lassman   Bern Elliot   Steve Blood


By agreeing to be acquired, Avaya can speed its transformation from a hardware-based telecommunications platform provider to a software communications company.


Microsoft Announces Two New Software Assurance Exclusives | 8 June 2007 | Mark A. Margevicius   Frances OBrien


New Windows client licensing options from Microsoft for diskless PCs and hosted desktops will provide some customers with more license flexibility. These options also address two of the gaps Microsoft has with its Windows licensing policies.


The Evolving Role of a Manager of Managers in IT Operations | 8 June 2007 | David Williams


The role of an MoM has moved from basic event consolidation to correlating data across IT elements to show the impact the IT organization has on business. We provide four evolutionary phases describing architectures, guidelines and objectives for managing an IT infrastructure with an MoM.


Data Center Relocation Costs | 8 June 2007 | Michael A. Bell


IT equipment relocation represents a significant component of a data center move. Most of the cost relates to labor; and thus, care should be taken in the logistics planning to ensure the efficiency of the move.


How to Encourage Employees to Adopt Workplace Technologies Effectively | 8 June 2007 | Jeffrey Mann


Workplace collaboration tools can improve how employees work together and cut costs. But you will only gain these benefits if users accept the technology. We outline ways in which you can encourage your staff to do so.


Security Consequences for Employee-Owned IT | 8 June 2007 | John Girard


Enterprises can mitigate the security challenges of employee-owned IT by deciding which implementation choices are acceptable in terms of risk and manageability before committing to support them as company practices.


Options for File System Backup Are Expanding | 8 June 2007 | Dave Russell