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Q&A for Information Retention Management and Records Management Tools and Services | 12 November 2007 | Debra Logan


Information retention management and records management remain priorities for many of our clients. Often, they need outside help, as information retention management can be a political, technical and legal minefield.


Let's Get Physical: What Convergence Really Means for Information Security | 12 November 2007 | Nicole S. Latimer-Livingston   F. Christian Byrnes   Andrew Walls


Although significant hype occurs around convergence of physical and information security, there are only a few discrete areas with similar, linked or common approaches. Despite these intersections, they remain discrete disciplines with sharp differences in culture and management.
Enterprise E-Mail Systems Can't Get Past iPhone Limits | 12 November 2007 | Ken Dulaney   John Girard


Sybase's plan to support wireless e-mail on the iPhone will lead to a wave of similar announcements by enterprise wireless e-mail suppliers. Regardless, the iPhone still does not meet enterprise security policy requirements. End users supporting it may be lowering security standards.


Predicts 2008: Emerging Trends Force a Clearer and Deeper Focus on Enterprise Architecture | 12 November 2007 | Betsy Burton   Nicholas Gall   David Newman   Brian Burke   Philip Allega Anne Lapkin   Jeff Comport   Yvonne Genovese   Bruce Robertson


During the next three to five years, business and technology trends (such as information glut, new business processes, the rise of services and the increased power of individuals) will force the need for a clear and deeper focus on EA, and for higher investments in people, process and technology.


Business Buyers and IT Leaders: Different Goals, Different Paths | 12 November 2007 | Robert P. Desisto


Business leaders and IT leaders develop application strategies that they believe are in the best interest of their companies. However, their beliefs may differ significantly. The classic conflict between business and IT leaders is examined.


The Expanding Enterprise E-Discovery Marketplace | 12 November 2007 | Tom Eid


Spending on electronic discovery software technologies and service offerings is forecast to grow at more than 35% annually through 2011. Legal discovery is creating new opportunities for search, content and records management technology investments and policies regarding their use.


The Impact of Outside Stakeholders on Application Strategy | 13 November 2007 | David Mitchell Smith


Application strategies need to take into account input from many constituencies, including those not typically considered.


An Updated Definition of 'Grid Computing' | 13 November 2007 | Carl Claunch


Grid computing takes parallel processing to a new level by enabling diverse computers and networks to work together on complex tasks. Its distinctive feature is that it can link machines owned by different organizations.


Findings: Top Midsize-Business Security Priorities for Mobile and Wireless Security | 14 November 2007 | Adam Hils   John Girard


Midsize businesses that use mobile workers and wireless are trying to maximize their business effectiveness without compromising their security.


Defining the Security-as-a-Service Market | 14 November 2007 | John Pescatore   Kelly M. Kavanagh


Security as a service is a new and growing form of security services. Enterprises need to choose the security delivery model that best matches their needs and environments.


Selecting the Right Targets for Security as a Service | 14 November 2007 | Kelly M. Kavanagh   John Pescatore


Security controls can be delivered though several options, from staff augmentation through remote services. Controls lend themselves to different delivery options, and customers should understand the potential benefits and cautions in opting for security controls delivered as a service.


Using CPM and BI to Improve Compliance Initiatives | 15 November 2007 | John E. Van Decker


Many companies are turning to corporate performance management and business intelligence applications to ensure compliance with external regulatory requirements. These tools can provide increased integrity in their financial and operational results processes through improved data quality.


Context, Not Products, Defines Grid Computing | 15 November 2007 | Carl Claunch


The products that comprise a grid are also used in nongrid endeavors. The context in which these elements operate determines their status as a grid.


Findings: EA Should Be Driven by Business Objectives | 15 November 2007 | Betsy Burton   Anne Lapkin


We find that many enterprise architecture initiatives are not being developed with a clear focus or understanding of the business goals and objectives. This lack of business focus can dramatically increase the risk of failed EA investments.


Looking Back Five-Plus Years at Gartner's Predictions on Linux | 15 November 2007 | George J. Weiss


Users often want to know how accurate Gartner's predictions have been. Here's a broad sampling on Linux and what to expect.


IBM Aims for the Business Intelligence Endgame With Cognos | 16 November 2007 | Andreas Bitterer   David W. Cearley


IBM will enter the business intelligence platform market through its planned $5 billion acquisition of Cognos. The buy would make IBM a serious contender in the BI and performance management markets.


Oracle SaaS Platform: New Marketing but Not New Technology | 16 November 2007 | Yefim V. Natis   Robert P. Desisto


Oracle's just-introduced SaaS Platform is an expression of market participation and a marketing initiative. Despite the name, it is not a dedicated product for developers of software-as-a-service-style applications.


Findings: Greater Business Process Insight Is an Unexpected Benefit of SOA | 16 November 2007 | Massimo Pezzini


Greater visibility into business processes is an unanticipated and often-overlooked benefit of service-oriented architecture. Organizations should take advantage of this opportunity from the outset to gain greater business value from their SOA initiatives.


The Eight Building Blocks of an Application Strategy | 16 November 2007 | Scott D. Nelson


Often, application strategies just evolve by happenstance, but they shouldn't. There are eight key components that all good application strategies must contain, so successful organizations must be aware of them.


Your Information Access Platform Is a Valuable Tool in EIM | 16 November 2007 | Whit Andrews


Information access technology should serve as a lens for perceiving progress in your enterprise information management strategy. It should also help you develop new views of information from previously isolated or inconsistent sources.


Findings: The Legal Precedent for E-Signatures Is a Non-Issue | 16 November 2007 | Kristen Noakes-Fry


The effectiveness of a signature solution is not determined by the legal precedent for the acceptance of the signatures. Rather, it depends on good process management, good document control and the maintenance of a clear chain of evidence.


IT Asset Capitalization Issues | 16 November 2007 | Frank DeSalvo   Richard Ni


Many organizations want to know more about the appropriate capitalization policies for hardware and software purchases. Understanding the need for consistently applied accounting treatment provides for accurate budget preparation.