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Novedades en Gartner

Roundup of Business Intelligence and Information Management Research, 3Q07 | 22 October 2007 | Bill Hostmann


In 3Q07, Gartner published more than 75 documents about business intelligence (BI) and information management (IM). Use this document as a ready reference to navigate these research notes and to explore these issues.


Be Wary of Reports of Search Engine Redirection in China | 22 October 2007 | Oliver Xu


Gartner analysts in China have found no evidence to support Western media reports that Chinese authorities have systematically redirected search requests placed to U.S. sites to a local search provider.


Lessons You Can Learn From IBM's Internal Consolidation Project | 22 October 2007 | Mike Chuba   John R. Phelps


IBM has gone public with its own massive server consolidation project. Organizations that have their own server projects can benefit from IBM's "case study."


RoboBusiness Showcases Fledgling Mobile Robot Industry | 22 October 2007 | Jackie Fenn


The RoboBusiness Conference and Exposition highlighted the current status of mobile robots. While military applications dominate in the U.S., mobile robots continue to move slowly into the commercial space, beginning with security and healthcare applications.


New HDS SMS Brings Enterprise Functionality to SMB Market | 22 October 2007 | Stanley Zaffos


Hitachi Data Systems' new entry-level storage system for small and midsize businesses includes controller-based replication features, packaging that facilitates self-maintenance, ease-of-use management tools and low purchase prices.


Top 10 Marketing Processes for 2008 to 2013 | 23 October 2007 | Kimberly Collins


Marketing's role is changing due to pressures to drive revenue and to control costs, providing a return on investment for marketing programs. We identify the top 10 marketing processes to enable strategic change during the next five years.


Introducing Process Integrity: Critical to Business Applications, SOA Compositions and Processes | 23 October 2007 | Yvonne Genovese   Daryl C. Plummer


Application composition (by assembling services, as in service-oriented architecture) brings with it a serious threat: The assembled application will not work reliably. Organizations must make process integrity a priority.


Optimizing Enterprise Wireless WAN Applications | 23 October 2007 | Joe Skorupa   William Clark


Use our examples when you are considering how best to deal with the many mobile devices that will connect to your corporate network in the next few years. The examples apply to in-house services and those from a network provider.


Context Delivery Architecture: Putting SOA in Context | 23 October 2007 | Yefim V. Natis   William Clark   Ray Valdes


An essential outcome of service-oriented architecture is easily accessible software services. In a mature SOA environment, the new imperative will focus on the inner intelligence of the SOA services driven by awareness of context and enabled by new context delivery architecture and infrastructure.


SAP to Bolster Business Rule Capabilities With Yasu Buy | 23 October 2007 | Eric Deitert   David W. McCoy   Yvonne Genovese


SAP's offer to acquire Yasu will bring business rule engine technology to NetWeaver customers. This smart, if late, acquisition will challenge the status quo of the BRE and business process management technology markets.


The Long Road to Green IT for the IT Support Industry | 24 October 2007 | Alan Mac Neela  


The increasing interest in environmentally sustainable IT continues to characterize the technology industry. We assess the impact, initiatives and challenges within the IT support and maintenance services sector.


Four Communication Trends Will Trigger the Necessity for 'WYNIWYG' Services | 24 October 2007 | William Clark   Bob Hafner   Ken Dulaney


Four major communication trends will produce a crucial economic impact and reshape the relationship between communication and application software. One key to this is "what you need is what you get" services, which will blend communication and application capabilities.


Era of 'Ubiquitous IT' Presents Opportunities for Japanese Companies | 24 October 2007 | Tadaaki Mataga


Global competitiveness is critical to the existence of most Japanese companies. These companies should integrate IT, especially ubiquitous IT, into their organizational strategy as a means of achieving long-term success.


Take Six Steps to Secure Your Databases | 24 October 2007 | Jeffrey Wheatman


The database is a key information repository that is often ineffectively protected. There are six areas in which you can implement significant risk mitigation to protect the key assets in your databases.


Building Innovation Into Your IT Strategy | 25 October 2007 | John P. Roberts


IT strategic plans are often a compilation of many projects that will have little strategic impact. Review your plans to see if they really propose innovative solutions.


Findings: Preliminary Survey Data Suggests Healthy IT Budget Growth for 2008 | 24 October 2007 | Barbara Gomolski   Mark Stahlman   Linda Tracy   Mark P. McDonald   Michael Smith


Early findings from our IT Key Metrics data portend solid growth in IT budgets for 2008.


Case Study: State of Alabama Consolidates 45 E-Mail Systems | 25 October 2007 | Matthew W. Cain


The state of Alabama undertook a two-and-a-half year effort to consolidate 45 disparate e-mail systems into one centralized e-mail system. Costs dropped, stability increased and functionality expanded dramatically as a result.


The Impact of Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 in CPM | 25 October 2007 | Neil Chandler


Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 provides a compelling, low-cost option to the rapidly growing CPM suites market. Finance and IT staff, as well as vendors and system integrators, must decide how to treat with this new entrant.


Exchange 2007: Improves Message Categorization but Lacks Archives | 25 October 2007 | Matthew W. Cain   Carolyn DiCenzo


Microsoft has added options to Exchange 2007 which are helpful for basic records management efforts, but are no panacea for larger e-mail retention problems.


Exchange 2007 Service Pack 1: Emendations and Augmentation | 25 October 2007 | Matthew W. Cain


The eagerly awaited first service pack (SP1) for Exchange 2007 is due out in 4Q07, and it contains some significant updates to the original 2007 release. Many of the changes forecast the long-term direction of the e-mail market.


Twelve Common SOA Mistakes and How to Avoid Them | 26 October 2007 | Yefim V. Natis   Massimo Pezzini


The common mistakes in adopting service-oriented architecture are now well-understood, and, with some effort, they can be avoided. Ignoring these simple missteps can derail the entire effort of introducing the benefits of SOA to the enterprise.


Learn the Economic Advantages of a Pure SaaS Vendor | 26 October 2007 | Robert P. Desisto   Raymond Paquet


The hype surrounding software as a service continues to grow. Prospective customers of SaaS solutions need to understand the fundamental economic advantages pure SaaS vendors offer vs. traditional, on-premise software providers.


CRM Printing, W2P and Mail Dominate Industry Event | 26 October 2007 | Pete Basiliere   Don Dixon


Customer relationship management printing technologies, Web-to-print interfaces, digital printers and mail inserting equipment were the focus of the Graph Expo trade show. Technology providers offered hardware and software products that enable diverse personalized, relevant print communications.


Exchange Server 2007 HA/DR: Options, Benefits and Limitations | 26 October 2007 | Donna Scott


Exchange Server 2007 adds new capabilities for high availability and disaster recovery. Organizations must understand the options when planning e-mail availability and recovery strategies.


PPM Leaders Listen, Learn and Share at Symposium/ITxpo | 26 October 2007 | Audrey L. Apfel


This report highlights the major sessions from Fall Symposium/ITxpo for attendees interested in program and portfolio management. It also encapsulates the most pressing questions that conference attendees asked and forecasts some emerging issues requiring preparation.


Innovation in the 21st Century: Gartner Interviews Nicholas M. Donofrio, IBM's Executive VP for Innovation and Technology | 26 October 2007 | Diane Morello


IBM has been a lightning rod for industry change during the past 20 years, and much of its success has stemmed from its approach to innovation. Nicholas Donofrio, IBM's head of global innovation and technology, takes us inside IBM's innovation ideas.


Getting Started With BPM, Part 1: Assessing Readiness | 26 October 2007 | Elise Olding   Bill Rosser


Launching a program in business process management requires understanding the steps in the BPM journey, evaluating the organization's culture, and ensuring the needed roles are identified and properly filled by the right people with the right skills.


Highlights From the Enterprise Architecture Track at Symposium/ITxpo | 26 October 2007 | Robert A. Handler