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Novedades en Gartner

How E-Learning Is Evolving to Become an Essential Contact Center Tool | 15 October 2007 | Jim Davies   Johan Jacobs


Contact center e-learning has an important role to play, but underinvestment and a lack of integration are stifling its progress.


What Is Third-Generation Linux? | 4 October 2007 | George J. Weiss


As more enterprises leap into the latest generation of Linux, IT managers can look forward to more, rather than less, complex issues.


MPLS Can Carry Your Next Videoconference, but Should It? | 15 October 2007 | Robert F. Mason   Ted Chamberlin


Factors other than transport indicate that ISDN is still the right network for most established videoconferencing applications.


Master Data Management Summit Shows How to Achieve a 'Single Version of the Truth' About Data | 15 October 2007 | Andrew White   John Radcliffe   Ted Friedman


The Gartner MDM Summit helped enterprises understand some of the complex organizational and technical issues of the MDM discipline. Approaches vary, but enterprises must go beyond simply "buying software" if they hope to succeed with MDM.


Navigating SAP Supplier Relationship Management Licensing and Bundling | 15 October 2007 | Alexa Bona   Debbie Wilson


SAP's SRM licensing has confused some customers because of vague product descriptions and license names that are at odds with product marketing names. A rapidly evolving license strategy has left customers unsure what solutions they are entitled to as upgrades, and prospects unsure what to evaluate.


Eight Software Approaches Can Enable Energy-Efficient Computing | 16 October 2007 | Nick Jones


Software optimizations, algorithms and architectural decisions can contribute to energy-efficient computing. Consider eight software-based, power-optimization techniques that can help reduce computer energy consumption.


Evaluating IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP Commitment to SOA Governance | 16 October 2007 | L. Frank Kenney   Daryl C. Plummer


Buying decisions are based on many criteria that are different for each company. Before making any final buying decisions, consider this analysis of IBM's, Microsoft's, Oracle's and SAP's dedication to service-oriented architecture governance.


Best Practices for BPO Transitions | 16 October 2007 | Cathy Tornbohm   Helen Huntley


Significant planning and dedicated resources from both the client and the service provider are needed to ensure that business process outsourcing transitions are planned, managed and executed smoothly.


Microsoft Open-Source Licenses May Help With Community Support | 18 October 2007 | Mark Driver


Despite objections from some, Microsoft received the Open Source Initiatives seal of approval for two of its shared-source licenses. The open-source community, however, remains wary of Microsoft's foray into open source.


How Green Does Your Video Look? | 18 October 2007 | Scott Morrison


Videoconferencing has not yet lived up to its promise to substantially reduce business travel and, thereby, carbon emissions from associated air and road transport. New desktop and telepresence technologies could finally change this; however, environmental impact assessments must be realistic.


PCI-Standards-Based Data Security Bill Was Rightfully Terminated | 18 October 2007 | Avivah Litan


A vetoed California bill sought to codify payment card industry data security standards and force retailers to reimburse banks for costs resulting from security breaches. Such a law would have been a setback for the industry.


Governance and the End-User Application | 19 October 2007 | Matthew Hotle


Software developed by business users is becoming more prevalent. Also, further exploitation of software skills by power users is inevitable. The smart applications organization won't fight this trend, but will exploit it via a set of governance practices.


How to Navigate IT Change From Development to Production | 19 October 2007 | Kris Brittain   Jim Duggan


Change is an intrinsic and daily activity from development to production. Consistent, coordinated management across development and operations demands new process composites, compromises and federation to enable end-to-end IT change management.


Ten Business Justifications for Web Content Management | 19 October 2007 | Lou Latham


Many of the reasons for managing Web content involve getting site visitors to do things that benefit your business. This note details 10 justifications for investing in Web content management.