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Vista SP1 Is Important, but Less So Than SPs of the Past | 4 September 2007 | Michael A. Silver


Windows client service packs are important, but not as important as they used to be. Integrate Windows Vista SP1 if possible, but don't delay plans waiting for it.


How Sun Is Recasting Solaris and What it Means to Users | 4 September 2007 | George J. Weiss


Sun continues to reposition Solaris in a unique class of its own, rather than in the legacy Unix category of other vendors. Success is becoming more noticeable.
BPM Design Guidelines for a Request-Driven SOA vs. an Event-Driven SOA | 5 September 2007 | Daryl C. Plummer


An advanced service-oriented architecture includes services and events. When designing for services, developers must plan for two different styles of business-process-management-based service interactions: event-driven SOA and request-driven SOA. Four guidelines can help in planning these.


IT Asset Management Staffing Questions and Answers | 5 September 2007 | Patricia Adams


Staffing an ITAM program continued to be a source for questions at Gartner's recent ITAM conference. We respond to questions about organizational issues and job functions.


How to Select Tools for Package Application Testing | 5 September 2007 | Thomas E. Murphy


Packages present unique difficulties for test organizations. These challenges -- which include the personnel involved, the complex workflows, and a lack of access to data models or source code -- require focused product solutions.


Content Analytics Reveals Customer Concerns | 5 September 2007 | Rita E. Knox


Content analytics has some obvious applications for individual users, but has a much greater impact when chosen to support identifiable needs that are often unsupported. Its use for successive disclosure of customer information can support interactions and capture product feedback.


Tools for Testing Software Quality in SOA Environments Are Still Emerging | 5 September 2007 | Thomas E. Murphy  


Although service-oriented architectures provide companies with many potential benefits, they also create testing problems. Expect increased expenses for training and the procurement of additional tools to address this challenge.


'Panning for Gold' Outside the Leaders Quadrant of Gartner's Magic Quadrant | 5 September 2007 | Jess Thompson


In certain cases, you should consider products from vendors that aren't in the Leaders quadrant. If you work hard enough and look in the right places, then you may find "golden nugget" vendors elsewhere.


High-End Disk Storage Price Forecast: 2H07 to 2H08 | 5 September 2007 | Stanley Zaffos


Configuration growth and the standard practice of not publishing list prices make it difficult for end users to grade the price competitiveness of their disk storage system bids. The price tables included in this research forecast competitive price ranges for high-end storage systems through 2H08.


Defining the Environmental Value of IT | 5 September 2007 | Simon Mingay   Andrea Di Maio


Making IT green is only one part of what IT organizations should be concerned with when dealing with the environmental impact of the enterprise. The question is how to look at IT not as a liability but as an asset for the environment.


New iPAQs Fail to Show Needed Focus on E-Mail Applications | 6 September 2007 | Roberta Cozza   Ken Dulaney


The iPAQ 600 and 900 are better than previous models, but are not the breakthrough products that HP needs to do well in the cellular device market. HP needs to focus more on key applications like e-mail.


How to Select Australian MPLS Providers | 6 September 2007 | Bjarne Munch  


Multiprotocol Label Switching services in Australia have evolved well since Gartner's previous evaluation in 2005; however, the difference between the most-and least-mature providers has increased. Enterprises need to evaluate providers more carefully.


Trust and Compliance Issues Spur Data Quality Investments | 7 September 2007 | Ted Friedman


In a recent Gartner survey on investment in data quality tools, IT and business leaders cited success of business intelligence initiatives, master data management, regulatory compliance and general confidence in their data as the main drivers.


Creating a Framework to Manage Process-Centric Intellectual Property | 7 September 2007 | Brian Prentice


CIOs must prepare for a greater role in the management of their organizations' intellectual property, particularly those with the potential of being awarded business process patents.


Organizations Stick With Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Choices | 7 September 2007 | Donald Feinberg


Microsoft Promotes UCC Penetration with OCS and Live Meeting Licensing | 10 September 2007 | Jeffrey Mann   Frances OBrien


Although some fees will go up, Microsoft's licensing policies for its unified communications and collaboration products have generally reduced fees and set generous upgrade policies. These moves both acknowledge dropping prices, and are a bid to flood the market and gain market share.


Brand-Monitoring and Anti-phishing Services Intersect Several Security Markets | 10 September 2007 | Arabella Hallawell   Avivah Litan


Brand-monitoring and anti-phishing services offer several functions that are useful to enterprises wishing to protect their brand and business against online threats. This niche market intersects and complements several other security markets.


Disaster Recovery and High-Availability Software Licensing Fees and Policies | 10 September 2007 | Alexa Bona   Jane B. Disbrow   Donna Scott


Customers don't believe they should have to pay as much to license high-availability and disaster recovery server software as they do for normal production servers. That's why it is imperative to understand the licensing policies of strategic vendors and, if necessary, confront them on the issues.


Evaluating Brand-Monitoring and Anti-phishing Services | 10 September 2007 | Avivah Litan   Arabella Hallawell


Brand-monitoring and anti-phishing services use sophisticated detection capabilities and analytics to weed out growing threats that are typically manifested online. Six main evaluation criteria should be used to select the service best suited for your organization.


Microsoft, Verizon and Other Vendors Drive IaaS Maturity | 10 September 2007 | Benoit J. Lheureux


Boomi, GXS, ICC, Inovis, Microsoft and Verizon -- vendors with diverse roles in IT and go-to-market strategies -- have initiated events that collectively will help modernize and mature the  integration-as-a-service market segment.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Differences Between the Staff Augmentation and Outsourcing Contracting Models | 11 September 2007 | Helen Huntley


Before contracting with an external provider, organizations must consider which contracting model best suits their needs. We examine the differences between a staff augmentation model and an outsourcing model and address common questions posed by prospective buyers.


Are Alternative Environmental Delivery Models More Environmentally Sustainable? | 11 September 2007 | Simon Mingay


Some alternative delivery models claim lower environmental footprints than traditional models. We explore the veracity of these claims.


A Guide for Building and Understanding Outsourcing Contracts: The 19 Distinct Articles in a Master Service Agreement | 12 September 2007 | Helen Huntley


Outsourcing contracts generally contain 19 distinct articles that are needed to govern the contract and relationship with the service provider. We provide a master service agreement outline and an understanding of typical MSA content so you can structure the right contract for your enterprise.


Starting Up the Business Process Competency Center | 12 September 2007 | Elise Olding


The creation of a business process competency center can be a vital step in facilitating an enterprise's business process management efforts. Here, we discuss the value, implementation models and services of a BPCC.


How to Create a Community of Trust | 13 September 2007 | Jay Heiser


An increasing number of technical solutions are available to support the creation of a secure, multiorganizational collaborative community. The process and product choices must be based on an analysis of communication needs and trust requirements.


The Role of Metadata in Master Data Management | 13 September 2007 | Andrew White   Mark A. Beyer


Metadata is critical to any master data management discipline. We explore the relationship between metadata and MDM, and the ways in which each can and should support larger business goals.


Why Metadata Matters to Business Intelligence Initiatives | 13 September 2007 | Mark A. Beyer


In this document, Gartner demonstrates the need for accurate and complete metadata in order to deliver valid information management strategies that go beyond a single application or application class.


Trust and Compliance Issues Spur Data Quality Investments | 7 September 2007 | Ted Friedman


In a recent Gartner survey on investment in data quality tools, IT and business leaders cited success of business intelligence initiatives, master data management, regulatory compliance and general confidence in their data as the main drivers.


Four Dimensions of MDM: Understanding the Complexity | 13 September 2007 | Andrew White   John Radcliffe


Master data management will not become a single, cohesive market for several years because its complexity is only beginning to emerge.


Microsoft and Sun Agree to Bury Past Enmity | 14 September 2007 | George J. Weiss   Philip Dawson


Sun and Microsoft have begun to fulfill their promise to collaborate. It's still early in the relationship, but Sun appears to have become a different kind of company from what it was just recently.


Microsoft Rolls Out BizTalk Server 2006 R2 Offering | 14 September 2007 | Jess Thompson


10 September 2007 is Microsoft's roll-out date for the BizTalk Server 2006 R2, which, like any product, has its upside (such as cost) and downside (such as Windows only deployment). This research reveals both sides of the story.


Impact of Alternative Delivery Models on IT Outsourcers | 14 September 2007 | Allie Young   Laura McLellan


For IT outsourcers, the emergence of alternative delivery models will not be inconsequential. Alternative delivery models will introduce considerable disruption to traditional IT outsourcing relationship and business models. Some outsourcers will embrace alternative delivery models; others will not.